An event featuring local music, art, poetry, comedy and vendors
with your hosts Nadj & Jea
“I like to capture certain memories and experiences I’ve had throughout my life and put a stylized twist to it. Moments and memories that are really relatable to people, from backyard kickbacks, to my HBCU experiences, all the way back to childhood glee.”
Interview by Danielle Johnson
“I often think, “What would another realm look like?” while I’m painting. Rarely do I stick to a realistic color pallet. For those who know me, they’ll tell you that I often keep to myself.”
Yvette Siegel Interview
“I’m not sure how my brain comes up with it, but I just love colors and experimental stuff.”
Reese Florence Performs Live At Valley Garden Park
“S:AM is the rapper down the street you didn’t know about, but are so glad you found.”
S:AM - ‘A Michael Jordan Return’ Review
Danielle Johnson
“These are tough times, and we get it. We can only hope that once you press play on the first tune, we can keep your attention till the last note, helping you escape for a bit if you can.”
we talk to Jordan Demby (@iguessitsbetter), a young creative based in Dover. Jordan’s boldness and character shines through as he looks toward the road ahead.
Jordan Demby, Young Creative
“I want people to feel a sense of comfort from my art, to feel cozy and safe in the little world I create.”
“The actual process isn’t that different from the normal way people make music together; we share ideas, argue for which is the best, then shape it into something resembling an enjoyable song.”
“‘Mauve’ is hopefully the beginning of a blossoming musical career for this young artist. Go give it a listen now, and thank us later.”