How would you describe yourself as a creative? Is there one art form that you enjoy the most?

As a creative, I would describe myself as the embodiment of duality. I like to step out of myself and become the art, and let whatever it is I’m expressing just flow outward, but at the same time, I keep my own personal identity, you know? It’s like the fluidity shapes who I am. Sometimes I think of other people’s standards and regulations, then I have my “Fuck you, I’m going to do me” moment. I’m getting better at it, though. Life will try to mold you to fit into boxes and when you tap into your squazé, you realize that being a square isn’t for you.



Tell us about Tre Squad.

Tre Squad Family is legit a family, dude. I was not looking to be a part of a group, back in the days me and smiling prophet were “the prophecy” (still are at heart), but that ended with us losing all of the members and then me saying we need to have our own platforms we can stand on. Then in 2019, I began hanging out with Ibri more, and it’s weird because I met everyone in Tre Squad at all different times and knew them all separately, but the whole year of 2019 I started hanging with everyone collectively and it was just a true feeling of family. And business-wise, we’re all so focused and uncompromising. Super talented. SUPERSTARS. We work as a collective of individuals and we keep the same folks around, smiling prophet still with me allat. It’s literally a family and that’s the most important thing ever, I’m forever grateful to have it.


What are your thoughts on the local art/music scene?

My thoughts on the local art scene is that this shit is amazing. First off, TRE SQUAD FAMILY, the ALL STAR team. Shout out to Xander, he go crazy on the camera, man. Working with you guys for this photoshoot was sick. You got people making amazing music, like Mekhi. My brother Luciano is super talented. Fucking Quadie Diesel makes good ass music. There’s so many artists here, whether it be photographers, graphic designers, musicians, and all that. The thing is, though, it’s like separate, and you gotta kinda find pockets of artists because everyone is in their own world. Which isn’t exactly bad, but if we saw our worlds as part of a galaxy rather than our world being the only existing thing, it would be tight. I mean, it’s quarantine so that’s cool, but I’d like to see mufukas hop out that bubble. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t wanna be around everyone. Oftentimes I want people to go the fuck away, but when it comes to art I wanna enjoy everyone’s talent, man. Delaware is cool, man.

What changes would you like to see?

The changes I would like to see is this idea that the pussy gotta be shaved all the time. I’m tired of this shit. Let Tarzan swing through yamean. Scent is a beautiful part of sex so I’m gone smell my shorty feet skraight up and that ass. I wanna see more people be themselves fully too, tap into your squazé. There’s too many people here to be clones, man. Imagine how sick the world could be if everyone freely expressed themselves. I wanna see people express their admiration for me more. Love me. Tell the beautiful womens (when I’m not in a relationship) that I appreciate seeing some dumplins ya feel me? I could go on so imma stop there.



Who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influences range, man. Prince, him just being the embodiment of like a male lesbian in the way that he doesn’t give a fuck for norms. The way he played over like 20 instruments or sum. The beauty in all his talent and appearance. Israel Adesanya and how his fighting is so polished/expressive and keeps this destiny aspect to it. The way he came from being bullied to being the fucking champ and just loves to fight. Roy Jones, Jr. Alton Mason and his fluid movements on the camera. Vic Mensa and his stand-up attitude. I know people been mad at him but that mayne did put in work for a lot of good. My peers in Tre Squad, I was a fan first. Kanye when he’s on his shit about how mufuckas can’t tell him nothing, and he thinks forward. Don’t throw the dumb shit on my ideas either. Me, the way I work and who I am and becoming. Dude, I was so different as a kid, but the same. I love me and want to indulge in me so much more. I’d do it to myself. Yup, exactly what you’re thinking.


Any local influences?

Local influences, I gotta give the big ups to Ibri. This the most professional focused dude I know. Like he’s like a famous rapper at heart because he’s been studying for so long. We learn a lot together. Uhhh, I’m drawing a blank on local influences. I just enjoy people’s art, I don’t really focus on their moves in that way. Not because I don’t want to, I’m just focused in my bubble. Like errone else, but I come out to appreciate. Mufuckin JD Gopez influences me in skating, dude, he’s good. Nakel Smith, add him to the last question of influences. He goes so hard in everything he does.

What projects do you have coming out?

I have a number of projects coming, but they all fit into one thing. I’ll speak on them more when they’re in the rollout. But just look out for music, modeling, and everything. I do it all. I’m the Professional Human. (I SWEAR IF SOMEONE TRIES TO TAKE THE NAME PROFESSIONAL HUMAN YOU’RE A HOE. Professional Human is me, don’t try it. I’ve had this name since like 3 months ago and it’s Nov 18, 2020).



As far as fashion, how would you describe your personal style/aesthetic?

As far as fashion and aesthetics, I would describe myself as human. I just do what I feel, what I like and I don’t care for norms or regulations, only risks, innovation, and comfort. I’m comfortable pushing boundaries. All this shit simple though it’s just appearance. We make it so much deeper. It’s art.


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