What’s your name, location, and pronouns?

My name is Isaac Moore and I currently reside in Bear, Delaware. He/him are my preferred pronouns.


What’s your sign?

I am a Virgo.


Could you give us a brief overview of your musical/creative timeline (when you first started, how you started, etc.)?

Phew! Well, I have always been involved in the creative arts in some way, with my parents both singing in church growing up and encouraging my siblings and me to be active in some way. I would say things really started for me in 5th grade, initially playing the trombone, but then switching to the trumpet and playing trumpet from 6th grade all the way through high school and picking up the bass my senior year. I had a great opportunity to join a band and get my bass playing chops, both in rehearsals and the performance environment. From about 2007/2008 to now I’d say there have been about 12-14 groups I have been involved with as a bassist.


What inspired you to create solo music?

I would say that the solo aspect has been interesting to me, and having some minimal ability on the guitar, I was able to craft a few songs. Just with repetition

there is always that improvement curve. 


How did you and Sug Daniels link up for the collaboration?

Since the pandemic put a big hold on live music, I had been exploring avenues of creating with my friends remotely. The chance came about to work with Sug via Twitter. I think she had seen one of my instrumental videos and expressed interest in a collaboration. She gave me her ideas and feedback and what she needed in

the arrangement of the track and it was within my capabilities.

Artwork by Chelsea Grant

What was the best part about putting together this single?

The single itself put me in creation mode again. It’s been hard to express myself in music lately, but also being able to work with Sug on a track. I’ve always loved

her energy and performance style, not to mention her wonderful voice. It’s been truly exciting and gave me a spark to create and finish a track.

How has your relationship with music changed since Covid?

One of the most difficult things has been not performing and not being able to sit down and shred with my friends. There have been more instances of writing loops

and having jam sessions with yourself. The human element of music and the nonverbal communication onstage or in the rehearsal space. I miss it a lot. Being in the room with your friends and someone plays a riff or a chord structure and everyone else adapts and is able to make a cool jam.

Have you picked up any new habits or hobbies since lockdown?

I have been getting myself familiar with the recording software Logic X and making quick tracks. Humming a melody in the shower and then firing up the software and seeing what comes to mind. That has also led me to get comfortable playing the trumpet again. I am nowhere near my level of playing that existed years ago, but it is slowly coming back to me.


What vibe are you getting from the local music and art scene?

I think the music scene is evolving again, venues are changing hands, or opening, or closing. It’s the ebb and flow that comes with music, I’ve found. Interests change and finances change. All we can do is decide if we want to adapt to the change or go our own direction.


What do you hope people get from your music?

I just hope folks enjoy what they are listening to and can appreciate it as a whole or the elements in it. Maybe what I create isn’t their preferred genre of music but if someone hears a bass lick or a trumpet riff and thinks ” I like that,” I think I have accomplished something.

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