Mauve: A Trillionaire Valley Installment

Not sure if you’ve heard, but Wilmington-based artist, Mosperceived, released his debut beat tape ‘Mauve: A Trillionaire Valley Installment’ in March of 2021. His first attempt at music, this 12-song album is ambitious, creative, and downright impressive. In the right setting, some may even find it psychoactive.

Listen to ‘Mauve: A Trillionaire Valley Installment’ HERE

It’s always exhilarating to see an artist of one medium switch hands and dominate in another. In this musical release, painter Mosperceived doesn’t stray too far from his colorful urban style. He uses electronic sounds, piano, and beat machines to paint a futuristic portal of a young man’s mind.



The intro has a beautiful wall of string sounds that makes you feel like you’re in the loading screen of this year’s most anticipated video game. In ‘Prismatic,’ he gets you ready for war with gunshots, high hat and electro snares in this nod to trap beats. In ‘Future Charlotte,’ he pleasantly surprises you with beautiful poetry on top of  lofi piano. He uses a telephone-like effect on the voice to make it warm and inspiring.


“I want something that’s going to touch my heart. That’s going to make me feel like I’m truly loved. To bring out my inner self. To show my family the love that I have for them. To show all the love that I have to give for now and forever.” 


– Future Charlotte, from ‘Mauve: A Trillionaire Valley Installment’


‘Mauve’ is hopefully the beginning of a blossoming musical career for this young artist. Go give it a listen now, and thank us later.