Photo by Quinton Wallace

Interview with Nahova, Delaware Artist

Where are you from? What is your current city? 

I am from Venezuela, but I reside in Wilmington.


What are your pronouns?


What is your sign?

At what point in your life did you start working towards becoming an established artist?

I never expected for my art to become Nahova. I’ve painted since I have a memory and in a more cognizant manner, I guess for about 12 years now. I am a self-taught artist and I never thought of exhibiting my artwork, maybe because painting has always been such a private thing for me (I still cannot paint with others around me. I feel naked when I paint.) A year and a half ago, someone told me hey why don’t you put your artwork up, so I started to display it in local coffee shops until the pandemic hit. Funny thing was that it didn’t stop Nahova at all. I started to work so much on myself and I believe that reflected into my art. I became more aware of life and understanding my place in this world. I know this impacted my art. Since Nahova, I have connected with others in a very unique way, I’ve received incredible support in my community and I strive to continue working hard to become a better version of Nahova every day and bring more color to your lives. I recently started a new podcast called ¿Qué te cambió?, A podcast where I will talk to people who chose to bet on their dreams, amongst many topics  (this will be a bilingual podcast in my native tongue and some English episodes.


What is your favorite piece that you’ve created thus far?

That’s a hard question. Each one represents different things for me, but I love this one


What is the biggest challenge of being an artist?

Staying motivated. I am still learning to find ways to continue being creative when I am feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Any advice is welcome! 😉

What art style has mostly influenced your work?

Abstract Impressionism.


Out of all the different types of mediums in art, which do you find yourself using most often?

Acrylic, oil and vitrail (glass paint).

Who are some of your favorite artists? Any local favorites?

My fav Venezuelan artists: Hermann Mejía, Rafael Gerlach (SatOne), CLoD (Claudia Echeverría), amongst others. I also love the works of David Choe, Lyubov Popova, Jackson Pollock, Sonia Delaunay.


Local faves? Daniel Tudares is one of them

Tell us about Jonathan.

Jonathan is Dutch & the best fluffy roommate you could ever ask for. I rescued him in April. He is a great listener, has outbursts of energy, is a bit antisocial at times (we are pretty alike in that way) but he is so sweet.. he sometimes grooms me, although I keep telling him we humans take showers, it seems to make him happy. Physical touch is clearly his love language.

You model as well? Tell us more?

Modeling is something that I enjoy so much, I love that you can be anyone your heart desires at any given time, modeling is art. I am represented by a few agencies in PA.