Did you grow up in Delaware? If not, where are you from?

Seattle born, Dover, DE raised. 


What’s your sign?

Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon, no idea about the rising so let’s just say Scorpio to that as well.


How would you describe your music? 

With a few exceptions, I’d call it impulsive. There’s a lot of influences that I carry with me from being on this earth and I like being able to push and pull them as I see fit. You might get a track with bossa nova influences, classical influences, happy hardcore, hip hop, R&B, you name it. It generally fits under the Hip Hop genre umbrella. 

How did you get started in music? 

There’s a lot of musicians in my family. My older sister was taking piano lessons when I was really young and I wanted to take them too. Then that evolved into the saxophone, tuba, electric bass and a couple other things eventually shifting towards using the computer for my compositions.


Who are your biggest musical influences?

Daedelus for sure. I’ve seen his discography adapt and morph through different shades of electronic and hip hop while still staying true to himself. His exposure to so many different styles of music shows through his works. As someone who has also been classical and jazz trained throughout their life, his work really inspires me to go off the beaten path when approaching music.


What was the first project you released?

There was a time from 2005-2007 I was just making remixes and burning them on a CD and selling them in high school. I counted them once; I think it was like 60+ tracks from that time. First “official” project I think would be Enabler from 2011.

Where was your first show? ( as NO SIR E)

May 2009 in a sweaty house party basement at UD. I was opening for local band Spacebeard at the time and I was really nervous. I remember everybody leaving when I started playing.


What was your favorite show?

There’s way too many to name. Usually what makes the show really good is feeling that I delivered the musical message that I intended to send. That could be in the form of excellent crowd response, making no major errors, or being able to lock in on a musical moment that everyone can connect to. Princeton University has had some of my best performances and best crowds that I can recall. That and a warehouse party I played in Houston.


What have you been able to do as an artist since the start of the pandemic? 

Thankfully I’ve been able to work more behind the scenes on production and work on tightening up my live show. I finally figured out how to live stream for the first time and built upon the visual aspect of the live stream experience. Visual backgrounds, aerial view of my performance, other little things. People want things to look at, not just listen to. With everybody shifting towards live streaming you gotta give people a reason to see you versus everyone else. 


Were you feeling the “bern” when you released your 2016 single “Bigbern,” where you sampled Bernie Sanders?

I was approached with the opportunity to contribute to a compilation album that was raising money for Bernie’s campaign in 2016. There were a lot of artists on it and I think I was one of the only electronic-based artists on the tracklist.  I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to do something for it; it felt right.

Tell us about the Enabler album artwork- How did you come up with that idea?

It was from Spring 2011. I was living in a house off campus at UD and we had to move out because the house was going to get torn down. One of the bedrooms had mostly everything moved out already and I thought it would be a good idea to take a pic in there with some items scattered on the floor. 

What’s your go-to DAW?

Acid Pro. I’ve been using it since like 2004. It’s pretty bare bones compared to other DAWs but I like using it to prepare my sounds before I put them into Ableton, which sounds counter-productive but it words for me.


Tell us about your live set up.

The live setup is currently a monome 256 controller, midifighter, bass guitar and mic. I’ve occasionally added a DDR dance mat into the mix as well but it doesn’t have as much utility as I’d like (keeping arms and feet busy while still remaining competent is a challenge). The monome goes through a program called Max/MSP which sends the audio to Ableton where I can add effects and the additional instruments. It’s a lot.


Where are some of the places you find samples? 

Most samples are things I’ve come across through just listening to the radio, being at the grocery store etc…Hearing certain sounds unlock memories of a sound that I’ve heard from years and years ago that I think would work well with the production. I don’t really go out of my way to find samples, I pretty much work with what I’ve already been exposed to at some point in life.


Your latest release “Godhand” also had a music video, go into the making of that video.

I really wanted to have a solid, visually pleasing music video to be able to showcase. Godhand was a track that I’ve been picking at for several years but never completed up until 2020. I came across a videographer and was able to use footage to put a story together. I think it came out well.


Where do you find inspiration for concepts and themes behind your music? 

It’s all based on my current mood and being able to expand and exaggerate it. Longingly was an album I put together just from feeling down. Vacation Dad was born out of being curious and expressive. My music also kinda reflects how I’m feeling at that point in life.


Any projects coming out in 2021?

There’s a full-length still under development, with a possible beat tape coming out this year as well too.