Olivia Rubini makes it Worth your While in her new album “Silhouettes” 

Written by Danielle Johnson

      Olivia Rubini Makes It ‘Worth Your While’ in Her New Album “Silhouettes Written by Danielle Johnson Olivia Rubini had us yearning for 10 songs straight and we we’re all about it. Every track on this Delaware native’s newest album “Silhouettes” reaches into R&B and pop, and more, to create catchy sultry tunes to tantalize your ears. Released in January 2021, her album “Silhouettes” brings you close with her warm vocals and keeps you hooked with her expressive melodies.

    “Silhouette” is the lush stuff dreams are made of. The vocal talents of Olivia are beautifully matched with the high level of production that only someone as seasoned in the production game as her father, Richard Rubini, can provide. The pairing of rhythmic song structure and a great range of vocals, including an Adele-style ballad titled “Last Time” and dance pop track in “Be Well” makes it fun to break up. It has the potential to provide the soundtrack for a night preparing dinner or on a walk outside to get some fresh air after your last zoom call. Either way, we’re here for it and you should be, too.

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