Rhiannon Rostami Interview

by Danielle Johnson


model: @tay.alii

What’s your name and where are you from? What is your current city? 

My name is Rhiannon Rostami and I’m from Philadelphia, PA, but currently live in Wilmington, Delaware. 



What are your pronouns?

My pronouns are they/them.



What’s your sign?

I am a Pisces!


How did you get into photography? Did you like it as a kid?

I got into photography when I was 12 years old and would steal the family camera to go and take photos of my friends and I hanging out and being dumb kids. When I was 14 I joined Tumblr and was inspired to learn more about photography and convinced my dad to buy the “family” a fancy DSLR, and claimed the camera as my own lol. I actually shot with that same camera until I was 21!




Are there any photographers that really influence you?

Oh absolutely. I go through phases of inspiration though. For a while thetogfather (@thetogfather) was a big inspiration for me, but recently Dana Trippe (@trippydana) and Petra Collins (petrafcollins) have both been my biggest inspirations.

model: @cash.rina

Your art is very surreal and alien. Where do you get the inspiration for your sets and editing style?

It makes me happy that you describe it as surreal, because that’s exactly how I want it to come off. I’m not sure how my brain comes up with it, but I just love colors and experimental stuff. It’s hard to explain without sounding corny, but I’ve always loved weird art that doesn’t make sense and has contrast to it. For example my warped head photos are interesting to me because it’s like….who would want to have photos of themselves like that? I would! I guess I just create art that I wish I could have for myself? Editing really just comes to me, and I think that’s partially why it takes a bit for me to put out new work recently.

What’s one of your biggest challenges in photography right now? How are you trying to overcome it?

Trying too hard. I always know when I need to step back for a while and just sit on a shoot. I let however I want to edit just randomly come to me instead of sitting at my desk for hours thinking too hard about it. Over the years I’ve learned to appreciate the patience that comes with editing. I also tend to get trapped in the “will anyone like this?” mentality, and I’m trying to step away from that to just let MYSELF enjoy my work. 




Your name means “Queen/Goddess”. Does that resonate with you?

It doesn’t lol. Simply for the fact that I’ve never felt like a “Goddess” or a “Queen.” I’m non-binary and grew up with a weird feeling towards my gender. I prefer “King” or even “Jester” lol! I do love my name though (thanks Mom!)

model: @ayumiperry

You’ve got some pretty strong views about the mango flavored Juul pods ban on your TikTok. How have you been holding up?

THIS IS HILARIOUS LMAO. I’m okay….to be honest it’s better to be nicotine free anyway….(but if they ever come back don’t be surprised if I have a juul in my hands 24/7 again)

model: @dantedanyan

Have you picked up any new hobbies since Covid?

Collaging! I love incorporating it into my photography.




What can we look forward to from you in the future?

I have a million projects going on right now that I’ve been keeping on the downlow because I’m superstitious but I’ll just say I have a bunch of fantasy themed shoots lined up and a book 🙂