S:AM – ‘A Michael Jordan Return’ Review

By Danielle Johnson

S:AM – ‘A Michael Jordan Return’ Review

By Danielle Johnson

Artwork by S:AM (@therealsickofsam)

Dover resident S:AM releases a slam dunk of a track with his second release of 2021, ‘A Michael Jordan Return.’ With no hooks, this 2:42 song inspires, delights, and excites anyone in earshot. S:AM is a real “rapper’s rapper,” serving punchline after punchline and showcasing his ability to switch back and forth between flows.

The song opens to the sound of a basketball hitting the court, the swish of the ball hitting the net, and the buzzer, creating an atmosphere of competition and letting you know it’s go time! He shows some vulnerability by admitting he lost his drive early in 2020, even reminiscing on the year with lyrics like, “This year had me benched mentally, had to realise what’s meant for me, redirect my energy.” The difficulty and stress of the past year was felt on a global scale, meaning this song is highly relatable regardless of what kind of music you’re into. He later shows his intentions for the future of his career, with lyrics like, “Dreams ain’t for the faithless. You want it, you got to snatch it; I’m at it,” describing how he very much believes that we’re in control of our destiny. 

Photo by Symphony Carter (@sweetsymph)

The instrumental is glorious in itself. Producer Marc Mathias creates a laid back track complete with string samples and a bass line that really moves the song. The two released a track together entitled ‘Feels’ earlier this year. It’s available on Spotify and Soundcloud and worth a spin as well. S:AM has a killer discography with songs dating back to 2019. His style is for people who love lyrics and thoughtful flows like Chance the Rapper and Noname.


S:AM is the rapper down the street you didn’t know about, but are so glad you found. He recently released a video on his Instagram performing with a live band. A rapper with live instruments backing them up is something you don’t see too often in the area. We’re hoping to catch a live performance of this song soon.


‘A Michael Jordan Return’

Produced by Marc Mathias (@mvrcmathias)

Engineered by Dan “Dilemma” Thomas (@officialdilemma)

Find S:AM on Instagram: @therealsickofsam