Snow Gawd Interview

By: Danielle Johnson

What’s your name and where are you from? What is your current city and what are your pronouns?

My name is Snow Gawd! I’m from PG County, Murrland lol. For those who are unaware, THEE Prince George’s County, Maryland. My pronouns are He/Him. 


 What’s your sign?

Fire gang, Almighty Aries. 


How did you get into painting and visual art? 

I got into visual art, I’d say,  Freshman year of college, and I got into painting when I graduated. Before then, I wasn’t the biggest fan of it. I’d typically stick with pencil, ink and paper, but one fateful day at this art store I worked at, I permanently borrowed some paint, went home and gave it a shot. Since then, never looked back. 


Where does the name “Snow Gawd” come from?

For now, I’m gonna keep that a secret. Ya know, add a little bit of mystery to the artist. BUT, I will say, it has absolutely nothing to do with coke lol. I can’t even begin to count how many times at shows, people have come up to me assuming that was the case. It’s hilarious to me.


Are there any artists, local or mainstream, that really influence you?

Yeah, there are quite a few artists I admire and have some kind of major impact on what I do. I study tons of artists every single day, of course, but artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, creators such as Genndy Tartakovsky, Tite Kubo, they all had a role in molding my style and approach to art.

Although you feature anime and other subject matter in your art, your pieces seem to be primarily influenced by black culture. Who are you making art for?

If I had to say, I would say I’m making art for the people. Sounds ridiculously cliche but, eh.. it’s the truth. I like to capture certain memories and experiences I’ve had throughout my life and put a stylized twist to it. Moments and memories that are really relatable to people, from backyard kickbacks, to my HBCU experiences, all the way back to childhood glee.

What’s something you would love to see in the Delaware art community?

More growth. That’s for anywhere, but generally speaking, I want to see it boom. It’s hella dope people out there for it not to. The community kind of has to hold up their local champions so they can flourish and put the land on the radar. 

What inspired you to do the coffee and ink pieces?

I can be a crackhead for iced coffee. My order at DD is one word: LargeMochaIcedCoffeeCreamandSugar. I had to get that out. Shout out to caffeine jitters. Off the rip, the idea stemmed from my love of One Piece/The Goonies/that whole pirate-y vibe… The maps they always roll out have that stained aged look to them. I dig that aging vibe of paper. So that lead to me using ye ole faithful Google and jumping down the rabbit hole to find a way to “age” the paper. Coffee staining ideas eventually started to form, along with other forms of stains. Whenever I come back to that process I have different “materials” and foods Im going to use.

What’s one of your biggest challenges in painting right now? How are you trying to overcome it?

One big challenge I find myself constantly wrestling with is NOT getting burned out. I have a double-edged habit of painting like a madman on a creating binge, but the downfall to those marathon sessions is I stop taking care of myself in the process. I’m talking, I will skip meals, not drink enough water, sleep for a couple of hours and hop right back up and keep on painting because I was dreaming about finishing it lol. Lately I’ve been doing better and catching myself and forcing more breaks, etc. etc. lol.

What can we look forward to from you in the future?

MORE FIYAH! MORE FIYAH! Look forward to more experiments from me. More growth. I’m always trying to find the next wave for myself to surf on.