Yvette Siegel Interview

What is your name, where are you from, and what are your pronouns? 


Yvette Siegel, Born in Illinois, raised in Sussex County Delaware. My pronouns are she/her.

Are there any themes that are common in your artwork? If so, why do you think these are recurring?


I tend to be drawn towards nature and fantasy. I often think, “What would another realm look like?” while I’m painting. Rarely do I stick to a realistic color pallet. For those who know me, they’ll tell you that I often keep to myself. This is because I love exploring the imaginary. That place you go when you’re in between your inspiration and the physical plane. Grabbing ideas from there is all the fun. You’ll catch me staring off to this space A LOT, and most of the time it’s accidentally in the middle of conversations. An ethereal theme is what many of my original ideas happen to transpire to. I am basically trying to recreate vivid daydreams most of the time.


How did the pandemic affect your workflow as an artist? Did you find it easier or more difficult to create?


Strange to say, but it was wonderful at first. The world was slowing down around me, so I felt like I could take the time to put what I wanted out there. There wasn’t an overwhelming pressure to produce, and make shit quick. I felt like I was really on top of it, but in all walks of life, there were certainly low points. I wish I could say that I’m the type of person to transmute my pain into my work, but being more of the “people-pleasing” type, I felt my own pressure to show my “normal” to everyone; something that’s more palatable for my audience. So, in other words, the workflow stopped once life stopped. Seclusion from friends and my grandmother’s passing took a number on me during this time. I am certainly guilty of not showing the whole picture. My imaginary place had turned a bit dark and I didn’t honor that. It’s something the pandemic showed me. That life isn’t all sunshine, and rainbows, and wild forests. But once a hint of Spring FINALLY showed its face, I felt the strong need to show mine as well.

You are also a singer. Are you actively working on any material or looking for collaborators? 


I have many fleeting ideas that I’ll write down every now and then, and try my hand in Garage Band, but I’ll work with anyone who reaches out, unless there’s a weird past beef. Lyrics and harmonizing are my strong suits, but I find it difficult to work on music only for myself. Collaborating is preferred! And Dropbox is a friend of mine.

Besides painting and singing, describe some of your hobbies or other extracurriculars.


I love researching all things spiritual. Call me typical, but I also follow astrology and read tarot, which many do these days. In the winter, I took up ice skating, but since that’s over, some weekends I’ll rollerskate. Other days I enjoy walking in nature. I get my face in the sun every chance I get. I like scouting places to take pictures, styling outfits, doing makeup, and hair. Thrifting is a huge guilty pleasure. And I’ve always loved interior design. I have designed and painted backdrops for photo walls. I have acted in multiple plays and can dance my heart out at any wedding. I love to sleep, and need a lot of sleep. To be honest, I’m interested in too many things so I can spread myself a little thin sometimes. So, when I get to enjoy peace and quiet, I do so wholeheartedly as a reboot for myself.


Are there any influences, broad or specific, that have had an impact on your art style?


I grew up painting in watercolor because my mother was well-rehearsed in the medium. She has been one of the main influences leading me to steer my life towards an artful one. My highschool art teacher, TO THIS DAY, has left a huge impression on helping me open my eyes to the world of art. Thank you, Mrs. Hearn! I’ve watched a lot of Bob Ross. Although I don’t use oils, I try to emulate his layering technique and leave the details up to the brushes. I’m constantly bombarded with art by all of the pages I follow on Instagram and Pinterest, so it’s a bit difficult for me to pinpoint particular influences.

What projects/pieces have you worked on and been excited about recently? 


I have delved into the digital art world for the first time. It was never my strong suit, as I graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelors’s in Fine Arts. I have preferred working with a physical brush and paint for the longest time. Digital art has really opened me up to even more color, because it’s not a long process to mix up just the right shade. So, I’ve come up with a Spring collection of sticker sheets that I am currently releasing, all done on the iPad. 



Do you have any projects or events coming up? 

I have one large landscape painting in the works right now. No shows coming up currently!



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